Construido con

  1. »Nulls«  / 2018

    Audio Video Projection

    audio/video, 23’47”


    In this black-scape the sound is the only point of reference. Facing dark a man throws unrecognizable heavy chunks to a deep gorge, a  choreography that alternates between energetic launches and moment of stillness, allowing the sound of the falling crumbs to be heard. 

    The action recalls a process of genesis as much of destruction, of a  landscape created without major motives or ends, and in spite of the fact that the additions done by man will become unnoticeable marks in the vastness and under the sunlight, they are fixed in him as a routine. 

    Recorded with an infrared detection camera various elements are key to this scene: the black and white are codes of thermic changes, transforming grey and whites as ethereal imprints of heat and a sign of life. As Arlo is a surveillance camera data travels directly from the scene to the cloud, a trajectory that interacts with the sky above Furka, an iconic pass in the central Alps, that becomes inaccessible during eight months of the year, due to its cruel winter.