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    Anonymous Materials is a project that explores a set of symptoms related to melancholy.


    It is a journey that starts in Sweden with a group of doctors. At the city of Kalmar this encounter have opened a way to fictionalized the metabolic body of the melancholic, an underworld of strange proportions where objects from the outside world mutate in hidden process, merging as layers of sediment and  petrifing in solid rock, as deep in the ground-body as they are.


    The figure of the isolated rational thinker is central in this development, as it matches the melancholic tendencies of distance and immersion.


    The history of rational thought sets the first division between “vita activa” and “vita contemplativa” and thus melancholia, as an existential outbreak, runs parallel to it. In this framework, life as such becomes a simple mundane expression opposing the marvelous gifts of interiority, which instead promises an elevated and rewarding existence.  In despite of the atmospheric uneasiness caused by his earth detachment the melancholic merges in thought to distinguish him from the ground and the material, a suspension of practicality (elimination of life and its existential aspects) that eventually allows to grow an attitude of elegant distance from reality, within a constant, soft and bittersweet ostracism.


    The pull between site-specificity and cosmopolitanism is also analyzed as it causes the uneasy feeling of being anywhere but not here, of being un-rooted and lost (from its own land, language, existence). In this sense, the melancholic is the portrait of an uninterested citizen, in constant exile, in a world radicalized by consumption and mobility, which felts the sorrow of the failed utopias and the impossibility to change the future, thus the political relevance of this scrutiny.